Friday, April 9, 2010

Cringe. How can I ever face my smirking builders again?

Oh the shame.
I can hardly bare to share.
But perhaps you too are having a bad day and hearing someone else's misfortune may give you a little glimmer of joy.

I have just finished rocking in the corner whilst sucking my thumb, trying to erase the sight of the twenty-something builder knocking on my door to remind me not to flush the toilet again as they had disconnected the waste pipe. (They are working on an oil spill in the basement.)

The worst part is, I remembered they were going to do that this morning, just seconds after I had flushed away my, erm, number two.

So I can only speculate in horror at what havoc my flushing 'solid waste' (as they described it - aaaarrrgh) into their work area.

To compound the horror, the workman asked me, in a helpful manner, if I needed another half hour to 'finish up'.

I am NOT my husband, who lives in the loo for the length of a Wagner Ring Cycle (hoho) so I didn't need another half hour to 'finish up'. By now I had swooned with shame in the hallway. The builders smirk remaining on my retina like the Cheshire Cat's grin.

There you go. Just a bodily function tale of cringe. Perhaps I am oversharing, but as it is making me chuckle, so it might make you chuckle as well. Not a life changing post, but just vent my shame. I am going to go now and crawl under a small rock.


  1. I thought I was having a bad day. That's very embarrassing. xx

  2. Oh dear, I would be mortified, but seeing as it's not me I can laugh very loudly, with you NOT AT YOU, I promise:) This has made my day, thank you:) Jen.

  3. Oh, that is so embarrassing! I think that will rank up there in your top 10 for a very long time. I think my elder son will be like your husband - I've never known anyone spend so long on the toilet!

  4. ROFL...that is very funny :)

  5. Yup that definitely made me chuckle too. Thanks for sharing (kind of... :o )

  6. Eeewwwwwww yuck. Thanks for that. Just about to have elevenses. (Am I the only one who has elevenses).

    My plumber found a tampax in our drain. That's probably my most embarrassing moment.

  7. @Deer baby - that would also be horribly embarrasing!
    Glad to have made you all cringe/chuckle