Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am so sorry blog for my neglect.

Blame the summer holidays spent with two small children taking me away from you.
Blame my new Mac computer, which I cannot work out how to put photos on my blog, so feel guilty that it all looks a bit dull.
Blame the fact that sometimes I just can't be arsed to write and that watching Jersey Shore 2: Miami seems more appealing.
Blame the fact that I have discovered that I can get paid to rant online. A minimal sum, but if you are going to write about it anyway, you may as well earn some pennies.

But I miss you. I miss being able to splat my thoughts onto you without editing my brain. I miss reading other people's blogs on British Mummy Bloggers, but that has fallen by the wayside as well. I miss the routine and structure of sitting down and writing, but my children are like mini-Paris Hiltons, incredibly high maintenance. And as I mentioned earlier, the summer holiday is now approaching three months long. THREE FRICKIN' MONTHS. WTF?!? It's not like children are being used to bring in the harvest anymore. Although there are a couple here I will lend for some threshing of wheat if anyone takes them off my hands.

I am so desperate for time to myself I have taken to going to the scary bug-ridden basement that the children won't enter and typing away for a few minutes. How and why do people who home school do it? I love my children, but not all the bloody time.

So, as the new term starts, I promise to stop neglecting you. Even if you don't pay me anything.


  1. School starts back here next week and I can't wait. I struggled through 2 months, you are a saint to manage 2. You must be about ready to pack up and leave!! Looking forward to seeing more blog posts soon. Jen

  2. I'm with you 100% on this one. I'm going crazy with want for a few minutes to myself ... when i'm not too dead tired to enjoy then. And we still have another month to go... God help us all!

  3. hee, hee. i'm a homeschooler. i enjoy your blog very much.