Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yippee! Back to school tomorrow. Am I the only one who is excited?

It would appear that I am one of the less 'Muesli-like' parents around the place and I am positively rejoicing in the return of my daughter to her school. Added to that, my son is going to be starting pre-school so I will have a little bit more 'sanity time'.

I thought that every parent would be thrilled at having their time back to themselves again. It would appear not. I seem to be in a very small minority of people who can't wait for school to begin again. Every other person I have spoken to seems to be in the doldrums about the end of chaos and return of the school run. But then again, as I have mentioned, the Canadian school holidays is nearly 3 months long.

Am I such a child hating parent? No....
But I do think children are like chillies. A little bit of them adds piquancy to life. Too much is just a brain blowing mess.
Perhaps it is that I love routine. I like knowing that I do blah on a Tuesday, Yadda-yah on a Thursday and thingy on a Friday. Summer holidays are too much like anarchy. And yes, there is the excitement of being in PJ's until 10am if you want, but when your toddler is up at 5.45 every morning, a chance to lounge around until late is not a bonus. He is chewing the furniture by 9a.m. unless we get out of the house. Roll on teenage years when I will get my revenge in hideous fashion by playing '90's music loudly outside his bedroom and hoover in an inconsiderate way at 7am.

How has your summer holiday been? Are you glad to see the wee devils go back, or am I the only one.


  1. No idea who these peeps are who are sad about the kiddos going back to school. Don't mean to be a martyr but our kids get 10 WEEKS here in Baltimore. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Ten weeks of chilli peppers can give you an ulcer know ta mean?

    My summer wasn't too bad we had three weeks in Ireland and actually the kids went back to USA early and I lolled around in a hotel in Dublin getting my nails done HEAVEN

  2. I am in the minority right along with you. LOVE the chilli analogy, it is perfect. My eldest started back today and my toddler started montessori today. Only one at home with me, it will be like being on holiday!! Good luck tomorrow and enjoy:) Jen

  3. I am on the fence at the moment. Currently blogging that although the 3 month American break is FAR too long, I'm also dreading the drudgery that the school year sometimes brings. No pleasing me obviously.

  4. One more to get dressed and then they will all be back at school. woot wooot wooot!

  5. Mine (teenagers) are off for another week which means I only have to get myself up and out in the morning.Bliss.

  6. Ah, roll on teenage-hood Invwoman!
    Want my nails done in Dublin [stamps foot sulkily]
    Susie - whoot woot indeed! Today was great.
    Expat mum, a little bit of effort in the morning reaps rewards - 7 whole hours of thinking time. Yay.

  7. My experience tells me that I work harder during the holidays: tidying and cleaning feel like a complete waste of time and I get complaints about the noise! Cooking is always thank-less, but providing lunch as well as supper is a nightmare! 'Hooray for the return to school,' I say!