Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have so blown it...

My spending diary looked quite fascinatingly frugal until about 3 hours ago when I was let loose in our local mall. Unchained from the kids I seemed to do a 'clothing binge' and now I feel a little bit sick.
All the clothes were fairly cheap, but there it is, in black and white, I spent $300. That's about £175 in Blighty-cash. For that, though, I got:

  • 3 dresses (lovely light and airy ones that will let the breeze float about my nethers)
  • 10 little t-shirt thingies. The white ones I had were starting to go terminally grey. I know there is an ancient way of solving this by borax and sunlight but the 'Going to Gap sale' method was far easier.
  • 4 pairs of nice pretty nude-ish knickers when I realised that the lovely floaty dresses were a touch see-thru.
  • A pair of Nine West Jackie-O style sunglasses that probably make me look like a bug rather than Jackie-O.
  • A cute sundressy-nightgown, the nights here are now officially muggy and I am past wanting to terrify the kids with me ranging around naked at night.
  • A rather enormous feeling of guilt.

Never mind. Back to the budget tomorrow.

Just worried about how to explain this binge to my husband though. I think the 'Look how pretty and seethru this nightydress thing is, so much more sexy that the flannel PJs I normally wear' will probably do the trick.


  1. Lol, yeah, I tend to lose the run of myself when I escape from the children. Uh, it does sound like you needed that stuff though, certainly the t-shirts. Tell your huband you can wear clothes or frighten the neighbours?? :D Jen

  2. You sound so similar to me - I am good for about a week and feel decidedly pious and then bam - I shop again. So predictable. Everyone needs new knickers once in a while...I hope the guilt sweats ease soon :-) Lou x

  3. Yeah, but probably would have cost £300 here in the UK so you've saved £125. I've never seen anything in GAP under a tenner, sale or not! Well done.

  4. Definitely think all will be forgiven when he sees the seethrough nightie!!!

  5. My lot are allergic to my naked look, can't say that I blame them though.