Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why old fashioned is sometimes best when there are children around.

I have been reading the paper this morning. No, not the shockingly awful Canadian papers that take roughly 3.5 minutes to flick through before realising there is no news here. The good ol' British press.
I love the Times on Sunday. And The Guardian, and the Mail, and the News of the Screws. Hell, just stick 'On Sunday' at the end of it and I will read a toilet roll packet.

The problem is, I can only read it online. This is obviously a good thing, in a lot of ways. Five years ago I would have been stuck with the hell of Canadian newsprint. But the bad thing is, when I am on my laptop, I am fair game for the kids.

Holding a dull as ditchwater newspaper up around your face gives a signal to the children. It clearly says 'I am doing dull adult stuff. You are welcome to join me doing dull adult stuff.' And off the children trot to greener pastures.

A laptop to them is the treat of The Flintstones on YouTube, CBeebies games, seeing Granny on Skype. Fun fun fun stuff. I am no longer in the realm of dull. I am there to be pestered on Sunday morning.

I wish the Canadians would get their act together with their newspapers, otherwise, we are moving back to England so I can get an hour of peace on a Sunday morning.

Oh, and two things, I have a new laptop and have no idea how to cut and paste for photos yet [blush] and I have seriously spent money lately that my frugality is well out of the window.


  1. I agree there is nothing like the Sunday papers. I'm in California at the moment, and the papers are dire here.

  2. Get a friend to post the UK papers out to you, you'll get them late but at least you'll have a hard copy!

  3. I would hate to be without my papers - poor you. Although now The Times is behind the paywall online. I'm a Guardian girl.

    Agree with the whole computer/laptop thing. If they see me on mine, the little one says 'Zingzillas', the older one wants to watch Michael Jackson videos. Both as bad as each other.