Friday, July 2, 2010

What to do on 'no-energy days'? Ideas please.

I repeat blah, blah, blah.

Do you ever have days where you are just not in the mood for 'doing stuff' with your young children? Where you wish their days away hoping they will morph into a teenager and not want to know you - just so that you could get on with your day in a sane and orderly fashion?

I have woken this morning with a summer cold. So has my toddler. We are both a wee bit crabby, but nowhere near bed-ridden. I am not in the mood to play 'Go Fish' with my newly card-sharkish daughter. I don't want to push my son around on the pavement on an oversized bike for hours on end. I want to go 'Blah' all day.
It was one of those days where I watched my husband go off to work (it was a day to be spent 'doing paperwork' rather than seeing patients - in other words, a bit of a doss day) with envy.

And my friend cancelled on me as her child has 'bowel problems' so I have faced the day mostly alone.

We have cycled/scootered up to the local cafe, decimated the local toy shop and played several games of 'Go Fish'. To the point where I want to tip toxic waste in the fish pond.


I don't like wishing the days away. I want to enjoy each day with them, to savour their precious childhood, to admire every ladybird and examine every flower.

But it's bloody hard work when your head has been stuffed with lint. Off we go, in a minute, to the park. Blah, blah, blah.

Today's spend: $20 on a coffee, 2 chocolate milks and an insulated coffee cup. Surely the insulated cup with help with future expenses.
Oh yes, and $5 for a pack of cards, which i am deeply regretting now.


  1. Oh I have those days quite a lot actually, where I would sell one of my vital organs for an hour of silence to myself!! Hope you feel better soon:) Jen

  2. That's what DVDs are for. Encourage glassy eyed staring at the telly while you sneak off and read a book

  3. Yup I have them too. Just know the day will end. Also I agree with Invisible Woman, whack on the telly when you just need a cup of tea to yourself with no children pulling on you or whining at you.

  4. Oh dear I suffer from them pretty much once a week and sometime even twice if I am having a bad week. Actually on a bad week it could be! Having kids drains your ability to function at times... Just put on a DVD in those days and allow yourself to take time just for yourself. That's the "mother's guilt" feeling that makes us feel bad if we are not responsive 24/7 to what our kids want doing to be entertained. In my work (coach for mums) I see so many mums feeling like failures if they sometime need to shut down from reality. That's life, we are NOT superwomen and yes we have off days and you know what children need to learn that it is what we are and they need to learn to respect that as well. Showing them that at times "mummy needs to sit down and read a little bit while you play or watch a film" will only help them learn when they need to give you a break as well... :)
    PS BTW found you through BMB, nice to meet you! Px

  5. Hi - gosh I so hear you. I think this is one of the hardest parts for me of motherhood - that sometimes I just don't have the energy to be perky. Of course that makes me feel guilty as I think I would have more energy if I didn't work/clean/do laundry/got more sleep instead of watching SATC re-runs. Arrghhh. I work part time and no question, hands down the work days are easier than the kiddy days. So to do it through a long summer holiday, day after day, with a cold...hmm not much fun! I am sure though that you will get back on your feet in no time... Lou x

  6. I suppose when I had those days with an under six kid I'd spend the day at the playground - but now they are older and have lost interest. I would just read a book at the playground that can kill about four hours if you bring snacks!!

  7. Thanks for all the comments!
    SATC reruns. Aaaaah. If only!

  8. Oh, I get these loads. I too have been know to use the good ol' telly, Nanny McPhee is a favourite. I know if I force myself to get out of the house then it'll be better but sometimes I feel like I'm watching my watch waiting for 5 o'clock so the dinner, bath, bed routine can start. That's awful isn't it?! Know you're not alone!