Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can you remember the first time you ever saw...?

...a pierced tongue?
...a mobile phone?
...the Internet?
...a video player?
...a CD?
...a 'normal' person with a tattoo?

I remember all of those things, so that probably makes me officially very old even though age 40 is a way off yet.
The pierced tongue had to be around the time of 'Firestarter' by the Prodigy. So, what, around 1995-ish. I remember being really disgusted that spaghetti would get wrapped around it and potentially you could end up chatting to someone whilst flapping Linguine Carbonara at them.

The mobile phone must have been around the same time, or at least in common usage. Whilst I was university it was all about the landline and hoping someone would take pity and actually leave a message on a scrap of paper.

I definitely remember the internet. It was 1997 and I had just spent a year writing lovely long letters to my boyfriend in Australia. Someone took me to the computer room at work and showed me this newfangled thing called email. I managed to ignore it for another year. I have kept every letter my boyfriend/husband sent me. The same can't be true of our emails. Shame.

The video player we had was a Betamax, and I have felt the stigma ever since. I think we watched 'Lord of the Rings' the cartoon on it about 800000 times.

The first CD I saw had to be the same one that everyone else saw, the one being smeared with jam on Tomorrow's World. My sisters and I loved the rainbow iridescent surfaces.

Trying to remember when I stopped associating tattoos with ropey sailors. I think I was about 20 and they started to become de rigeur.

Would love to know when you remember seeing these things or whether they were always there.


  1. When my husband and I were dating he used to send me letters, as he'd gone back to the States. I really wish we'd e-mail as I could never read a word he wrote and used to have to ring him up to ask him what it all said!

  2. I do remember the internet being introduced to us at work. We were all sat down one lunch hour and told about the 'world wide web' and how it was easy to get lost in it and they gave us a few things to find out and told us we might lose our way and that we might not be able to get back. Hilarious.

    I'm 45 by the way. OLD!!!!!!!

  3. God, I'm so old I can remember the first time I saw a television!