Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throw out 10 toys. Right now. You know you want to.

We have so much crap in our lives, don't we?

There was that chap who once said:
"Never have anything in your home that isn't useful or beautiful."
They forgot the second part of that statement which was:
"Except my children would kill me if I threw out their too small Thomas the Tank Engine Slippers, those broken Despicable Me Happy Meal toys and that 'That's not my Sweeties, That's my Mummy's Prozac' hardcover books. So we keep all that shit lying about the place."

We moved here in January from England with 7 suitcases of necessities. I can tell you, it has taken the gestation period of a baby for the crap to have spawned. I swear my daughter's Barbies have been humping away at night and creating more Barbies. Where the hell have they all come from?

I dare you all to go upstairs, pick up ten toys that your kids haven't played with since Jedward made their debut, and toss them away. THEY WON'T NOTICE. And if they do, just put on that blank face that means, well mummy doesn't know what you are yammering on about.
I just did that, and it was cathartic. Now for a well deserved gin.


  1. Very funny and true. No they don't notice at all. it quite a lot. Unfortunately more comes in its place.

  2. No, no - don't throw them out. If they're in good shape give them to a charity store. (I work at the school's garage/jumble sale and it pains me to throw anything out.)

  3. Fair point Expat - just dropped of the crapola at the Salvation Army. Ahhh, feels great!
    Deer - I feel the onward march of tat even as we speak.

  4. I regularly have a 'too much stuff' meltdown and have blogged about my outrage often. Try as I might, I can't get the toys past the beady eyes of my 5 year old who insists they are all his favourites and he can't possibly live without them. Sigh.