Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to write a novel. It's actually working!

We all have a book in us. Apparently.
At least, if Katie Price is able to 'write' several bonkbusters, surely I can as well? And you. And the dustman...

I read on Powder Room Graffiti an article called 'Give NanoWriMo a go'. Here is the link.

Essentially, you write 50,000 words in the month of November. You write quickly, with minimal editing. It works out at 1667 words a day. Pretty intimidating, no?

Actually, it has been surprisingly easy so far. I decided not to wait until November to try this out. I've had an idea for a ghostly, prison tale for older teenagers that has been brewing in my brain for some time. Splatting it out on the page and not editing is liberating. It doesn't matter if it isn't perfect, you can always edit later.
But the main point is, at least you have something to edit. All too often I start my writing, falter at part of the plot or dialogue, then stall. I've had fiction published before, very minor league stuff, but since the kids have come along I have less energy to do it.

If you are the kind of person, like I am, who works better under pressure and with goals, I think you will find this amazing. I've been using this blog to warm up my brain before starting. So in two minutes time, I will be churning down my 1667 words. It's getting to the exciting part where she is just about to pull back the plastic sheeting in the prison wing...


  1. oohhhh, go you! I want to know more...........

  2. So far 6,000 words written since monday! I am absolutely sure that most are crap, but I can go back later and start to add twiddly bits and edit chaff out.
    I think I was overanalysing the whole thing and it is just so liberating just thinking 'sod it, keep writing'. It amazing how you can force your brain to winkle out the plot bugs if you steamroller through things.

  3. i have a book that i started long time ago..i should definitely dedicate myself to working on it at least once a week if not everyday! good luck on yours.

  4. yeah Nanowrimo is good fun and you do manage to get out all the words. The downside is that much of it reads as gibberish!!

  5. Emmak - how far did you get with yours and did anything come of it?
    Miss Pancakes - do you want to form a support group?

    I have now managed to write 12,500 words. I am following the Stephen King method, (?!?) which is to let the first draught write itself so you find our yourself what the story is. Then the second draught is revision, the third is to put the twiddly bits on.

  6. Interesting, will check it out. I haven't been over at yours nearly enough recently, I always really enjoy your writing. And liking the new look!

  7. Thanks for reminding me about this - I started one a few years ago -need to find it and continue it and maybe I'll have it finished for this year... or maybe next year's....
    Mum In Awe

  8. Katie price paid for someone to write her books, she just gave them an idea of what to write. I'm sure you will be fine with writing a book, Katie Price has to use money instead of brains :) Good luck! :)